§ 3131.04 Required Temperatures for Heating Systems
   (a)   Heating systems shall be designed, installed and operated to maintain inside air temperatures not less than those listed in Table A for the specified areas and rooms in buildings when the outside air temperature is zero degrees Fahrenheit (0°F) and there is a wind velocity of fifteen (15) mph. The tabulated minimum inside air temperatures shall be determined by dry-bulb thermometers not less than three (3) feet from outside walls and at a height above the floor at the breathing line of the typical occupants, i.e. three (3) feet above the floor, where the occupants are normally seated and five (5) feet above the floor where the occupants are not seated. Compliance with the requirements of this chapter and with the recommendations of the ASHRAE “Heating Ventilating Air Conditioning Guide” is prima facie evidence of conformity with accepted engineering practice.
Table A
Minimum Inside Winter Temperatures
Degrees F
Indoor swimming pools, operating rooms, bathrooms in hospitals, and other typical areas where occupants are lightly clothed or require special warmth.
Living areas, hotel rooms, classrooms, and other typical areas where occupants will be seated.
Sales rooms, kitchens, laundries, gymnasiums, playrooms, and other typical areas where occupants are performing mildly active duties.
Repair shops, foundries, service garages, and other typical areas where occupants are engaged in heavy tasks.
   (b)   Whenever a building is heated by means of a furnace, boiler or other apparatus under the control of the owner, agent or lessee of such building, such owner, agent or lessee, in the absence of a written or verbal contract or agreement to the contrary, shall be deemed to have contracted, undertaken or bound himself or herself to furnish heat in accordance with the provisions of this section. However, nothing herein contained shall apply to buildings or portions thereof used and occupied by trades, businesses or occupations where high or low temperatures are essential or unavoidable.