General Provisions
   91.001   Definitions
   91.002   Animals running at large
   91.003   Nuisance animals
   91.004   Confinement of unspayed female dogs during estrus
   91.005   Animals injured on public property
   91.006   Dangerous animals
   91.007   Guard dogs
   91.008   Beekeeping, location restricted
   91.009   Fowl running at large
   91.010   Keeping of hogs
   91.011   Maintenance of pens, stables and the like
   91.012   Requirements on keeping livestock and fowl
   91.013   Sale or keeping of certain prohibited animals
   91.014   Inhumane treatment
   91.015   Display or sale of dyed or immature animals
   91.016   Fighting animals
   91.017   Displaying for commercial purposes
   91.018   Leaving animal unattended in vehicle
   91.019   Irresponsible pet owner
   91.020   Animal establishment - permit required
   91.021   Powers and duties of citizens
   91.022   Feeding of animals prohibited, exceptions, and penalties
   91.023   Unlawful tethering
Rabies Control; Animal Bites
   91.025   Rabies control
   91.026   Reporting bites from animals susceptible to rabies
   91.027   Procedures for other animal bites
Impoundment; Animal Shelter
   91.035   Animal Shelter Advisory Board
   91.036   Confinement of dogs and cats; removal
   91.037   Disposition of impounded animals
   91.038   Disposition of impounded animals being held on complaint
   91.039   Disposition of diseased animals
   91.040   Removal of impounded animals from animal shelter
   91.041   Adoptions
Administration and Enforcement
   91.065   Exigent circumstances
   91.066   Authority to impound animals
   91.067   Authority to kill, impound or destroy animals
   91.068   Interference with enforcing officers
   91.069   Tampering with traps or equipment of Animal Services Officers
   91.070   Fee schedules
   91.071   Records
   91.999   Penalty
   Animals and keeping of animals near Lake Pat Cleburne, see § 98.060 
   Disposal of animal manure, dead animals, see § 50.04
   Health and sanitation, see Ch. 96
   Persons riding animals and animal-drawn vehicles, see § 70.08
Statutory reference:
   Rabies Control Act, see Tex. Health and Safety Code §§ 826.001 et seq.