General Provisions
   72.001   Correct method of parking
   72.002   Angle parking
   72.003   Blocking traffic
   72.004   Parking for purpose of selling vehicle
   72.005   Display of lights on parked trucks
   72.006   Streets scheduled for cleaning
   72.007   Abandoned vehicles
   72.008   Parking in alleys
   72.009   Parking prohibited in certain places
   72.010   Parking of semitrailers
   72.011   Parking in public rights-of-way
   72.012   Parking of certain vehicles prohibited
   72.013   Resident-only parking by permit
   72.014   Downtown residential parking zone
Loading and Unloading Zones
   72.025   Loading or unloading in passenger zones
   72.026   [RESERVED]
   72.027   [RESERVED]
Bus Stops and Taxi Stands
   72.040   Designation of stands and terminals
   72.041   Buses and taxis to use designated stops and stands; exception
   72.042   Use by other vehicles
Parking Meters
   72.063   Parking meter covers permitted for service vehicles
Disabled Parking
   72.075   Designation of reserved parking spaces
   72.076   Unlawful to park in reserved parking spaces
   72.077   Standardized disabled parking sign use
Snow Emergencies
   72.090   Declaration of snow emergency
   72.091   Parking on snow emergency route
   72.092   Parking on non-snow emergency routes
   72.093   Travel on snow emergency routes
   72.094   Emergency removal of parked or disabled vehicles; expenses to be borne by owner
   72.095   Other parking regulations to apply
Street Sweeping
   72.100   Street sweeping schedule established
Administration and Enforcement
   72.105   City Manager may grant exemptions and waive fees
   72.106   Towing unlawfully parked vehicles; payment of charges
   72.107   Prima-facie evidence that violation committed with authority of owner
   72.999   Penalty
   Exemption for authorized emergency vehicles, See § 71.02
   Loading/unloading zones, see Ch. 74, Sch. V