(A)   For the purpose of this section, SERVICE VEHICLE shall mean any vehicle marked with identification of the name of the business holding the business privilege license being utilized by the business for whatever service is being provided to the consumer including but not limited to any contractor engaged in construction, remodeling, cleaning, and the like.
   (B)   Businesses which on a yearly basis obtain a Business Privilege License to operate within the city are hereby granted the authority to receive a parking meter cover, while making extended service calls in the downtown area on a temporary basis but not to exceed 30 days.
   (C)   Such parking meter cover shall permit the service vehicle to utilize parking meter spaces only, except for 15 minute meters for business purposes, and/or designated handicapped metered spaces.  So long as the service vehicle utilizes the parking meter cover issued him by placing same on a parking meter, the service vehicle shall not be cited for overtime parking on such covered meter.
   (D)   The penalty for violation of division (C) of this section shall be revocation of the permit issued to the service vehicle and the existing penalty for overtime parking of vehicles operated without such privilege.
   (E)   The Director of Public Services is hereby authorized to issue the parking covers to those businesses qualified to receive same.
(Ord. 98-1985, passed 8-9-85)
   Licensing, see Ch. 115