(A)   Area.  The downtown residential parking area shall be that property located within the following boundaries: Greenup Avenue on the north, Carter Avenue on the south, 18th Street on the east and 13th Street on the west.
   (B)   (1)   The Ashland Police Department shall issue downtown residential parking permits to citizens of Ashland residing in the area described in division (A) of this section.  There shall be no more than two permits issued per residential unit. The city will create a yearly fee of $120 (pro-rated monthly from date of purchase) for the issuance of such permit and the amount charged may be changed from time to time by the City Manager. The permit will be renewed January 1 each year that this section is in effect. Failure to renew will constitute a violation of this section.
      (2)   In order to obtain the permit the citizen must make application to the Ashland Police Department providing documentation of Kentucky registration and operator’s license to establish the applicant’s residency within the designated area. Should the citizen obtaining the permit move from the area, he or she shall notify the city of the move.
      (3)   The city may elect in the future to terminate the residential parking set out under this section.  If such action is taken, those affected residents will be so notified. In the event that off-street parking is provided for a residential unit, a parking permit will not be provided.
   (C)   Upon issuance of a parking permit, a valid resident parking permit shall be affixed to the far left one-quarter of the rear bumper of the vehicle and visible for inspection. Any vehicle displaying the parking permit may park within the designated area beyond the city's two-hour parking ordinance (Ordinance No. 140, Series of 2000). All other parking ordinances, not otherwise in conflict, of the city still apply. At the time of application, a packet will be given to the resident to ensure they are aware of the existing parking ordinances. Emphasis will be given to abandoned vehicles, loading zones and handicap parking. Winchester Avenue shall not be utilized by citizens with a residential parking permit for free, no time limit parking. There will be no assigned parking spaces, only a designated area.
   (D)   No persons shall represent in any fashion that a vehicle is entitled to a resident parking permit authorized by ordinance of the Board of Commissioners when not so entitled. The display of a resident parking permit on a vehicle not entitled to such a resident parking permit shall constitute such a representation.
   (E)   No person shall duplicate or attempt to duplicate, by any means, a resident parking permit authorized by ordinance of the Board of Commissioners. The display of such duplicate resident parking permit on a vehicle shall constitute such a duplication.
   (F)   The Director of Public Services is hereby authorized and directed to install appropriate signs and/or curb or street markings if needed, to properly carry the provisions of this section into effect.
   (G)   The Chief of Police is hereby authorized and directed to properly enforce the provisions of this section.
   (H)   Any person, firm, or corporation violating the terms shall be fined not less than $50 nor more than $100.
(Ord. 142-2007, passed 11-1-07; Am. Ord. 28- 2018, passed 2-8-18)