Editor's note
 The Charter is printed herein as passed, but words in brackets have been editorially supplied.
   101.   Body corporate and politic.
   102.   Exercise of powers.
   103.   Name and boundaries.
   201.   Composition.
   202.   Qualifications.
   203.   Term of office.
   204.   Compensation.
   205.   Vacancies.
   206.   Councilmanic districts.
   207.   Revision of councilmanic districts.
   208.   Legislative sessions; meetings of the County Council; quorum; rules of procedure.
   209.   Removal from office.
   301.   Composition.
   302.   Officers.
   303.   Action by Council.
   304.   Enumerated powers not to be exclusive.
   305.   Limitation on exercise of County Council's powers.
   306.   Legislative powers of County Council.
   307.   Legislative procedure.
   308.   The Referendum.
   309.   Noninterference with executive branch.
   310.   County Auditor.
   311.   Duties of County Auditor.
   312.   Independent audit.
   313.   Special audits.
   314.   Special assistance.
   401.   Nature and term of office; mode of election; qualification; salary.
   402.   Vacancy.
   403.   Temporary absence or disability of County Executive.
   404.   Conviction or failure to perform duties.
   405.   Powers and duties of the office.
   406.   Change in compensation of County Executive.
   501.   Composition.
   502.   General supervision.
   503.   Composition; restrictions on creation of additional offices and departments.
   504.   Chief Administrative Officer.
   505.   Same; qualifications; mode of selection; salary.
   506.   Offices.
   507.   Departments.
   507A.   Repealed by Res. No. 55-96.
   508.   Term and compensation of officers and employees in the executive branch.
   509.   Temporary appointments.
   510.   Organization staffing.
The Service Offices
   The Office of Finance
   511.   The Controller.
   512.   General powers and duties of the Controller.
   513.   Specific powers and duties.
   514.   Appropriation to control expenditures.
   The Office of the Budget
   515.   The Budget Officer.
   516.   Powers and duties.
   The Office of Personnel
   517.   Composition of office.
   518.   Qualifications of the Personnel Officer.
   519.   Powers and duties of the Personnel Officer.
   520.   Appointment of the Personnel Board.
   521.   Powers and duties of the Personnel Board.
   The Office of Emergency Management
   522.   Emergency Management Director.
   522A.   Office of Emergency Management.
   The Office of Central Services
   523.   Central Service Officer.
   524.   Duties and functions of the Office of Central Services.
   The Office of Law
   525.   The County Attorney.
   526.   Powers and duties of the County Attorney.
   527.   Assistants to the County Attorney.
   528.   Temporary additional legal assistance.
   529.   Prohibitions.
   Office of Information Services
   529A.   Information Services Officer.
   529B.   Duties of the office.
   The Office of Planning and Zoning
   530.   Organization of office.
   531.   Duties of the office.
   532.   The Planning Advisory Board.
   533.   Duties and functions of the Planning Advisory Board.
   Office of Administrative Hearings
   534.   Organization of office.
   535.   General powers and duties.
   536.   Appeals from orders of the Administrative Hearing Officer.
   [Office of Criminal Justice and Corrections]
   536A.   Criminal Justice and Corrections Officer.
   536B.   Office of Criminal Justice and Corrections.
   [Office of Detention Facilities]
   536C.   Superintendent of Detention Facilities.
   536D.   Office of Detention Facilities.
The Operating Departments
   Department of Public Works
   537.   Director of Public Works.
   538.   Functions of the Department of Public Works.
   539.   Repealed by Res. No. 20-06.
   539A.   Repealed by Res. No. 20-06.
   Department of Inspections and Permits
   540.   Director of Inspections and Permits.
   541.   Functions and duties of the Department.
   542.   Licensing and examining boards.
   Police Department
   543.   Chief of Police.
   544.   Functions of the Police Department.
   Fire Department
   545.   Fire Chief.
   546.   Fire Advisory Board.
   547.   Functions and duties of the Fire Department.
   Department of Recreation and Parks
   548.   Director of Recreation and Parks.
   549.   Functions of the Department.
   550.   Recreation Advisory Board.
   Department of Aging
   550A.   Director of Aging.
   550B.   Functions of the Department.
   Department of Education
   551.   Composition; administration under State law.
   Department of Libraries
   552.   Composition; administration under State law.
   Department of Health
   553.   Composition; functions; administration under State and County law.
   Department of Social Services
   554.   Composition; functions; administration under State and County law.
   Reorganization of Departments under State Law
   555.   Furthering legislation.
   County Board of Appeals
   601.   County Board of Appeals; appointment; term; compensation.
   602.   Power and functions of County Board of Appeals.
   603.   Rules of practice and procedure.
   604.   Appeals from decisions of the Board.
   605.   Furthering legislation.
   Pension Oversight Commission
   606.   Composition of Commission; terms; removal and compensation of members.
   607.   Duties of the Commission.
   608.   Budgeting requirements.
   609.   Terms of the initial members of the Commission; creation of staggered terms.
   Spending Affordability Comm
   610.   Composition of Committee; terms; compensation.
   Human Relations Commission
   611.   Human Relations Commission.
   Veterans Affairs Commission
   612.   Veterans Affairs Commission.
   701.   Fiscal year and tax years.
   702.   Definition of terms used in this Article.
   703.   Comprehensive scope of budget.
   704.   Formulation of current expense budget.
   705.   Formulation of capital budget and capital program.
   706.   Pre-submission meetings; submission and contents of the County budget.
   707.   Filing of proposed budget; copies.
   708.   Public hearing.
   709.   Action on the budget by the County Council.
   710.   Reproduction of budget; effective date; tax levy; appropriations.
   711.   Transfer of appropriations.
   712.   Supplementary and emergency appropriations.
   713.   Lapsed appropriations.
   714.   Budget reduction amendment.
   715.   Appropriation control and certification of funds.
   716.   Restrictions on capital projects; amendment to capital budget-after adoption of budget.
   717.   Enterprise accounting.
   718.   Composition and limitation upon County funds and levies; special taxes; bond obligation.
   719.   Borrowing limitations.
   720.   Term of bonds; disbursement of premiums.
   721.   Contents of Bond Issue Authorization Ordinances; interim notes.
   722.   Supplemental legislation by County Council.
   801.   Classification and pay plan and rules affecting costs.
   802.   Exempt positions.
   803.   Classified positions.
   804.   Appointing authority.
   805.   Eligibility lists.
   806.   Probationary period.
   807.   Permanent status.
   808.   Grounds for removal of permanent employee.
   809.   Repealed by Res. No. 40-88.
   810.   Abolition of position in budget.
   811.   Right to organize and collective bargaining.
   812.   Binding arbitration for law enforcement employees and for uniformed firefighters of the Fire Department.
   813.   Prohibited practices.
   814.   Pensions of persons not a part of the Maryland State Retirement and Pension Systems.
   815.   Retiree Health Benefits Trust.
   901.   Responsibility for purchasing.
   902.   County purchasing policies and practices.
   903.   Application of this Article to departments and agencies under State law.
   904.   Competitive bidding.
   905.   Conformity with budget limitations.
   906.   Service contracts.
   907.   Uniform bidding.
   908.   Contract execution.
   909.   Cooperative purchasing.
   910.   Negotiations with vendors.
   911.   Furthering legislation.
   912.   Repealed by Bill No. 93-80.
   1001.   County Ethics Commission.
   1001A.   County Public Ethics Law.
   1001B.   Authority, duties and functions of Commission.
   1001C.   Repealed by Res. No. 48-92.
   1002.   Repealed by Res. No. 48-92.
   1002A.   Repealed by Res. No. 48-92.
   1003.   Additional compensation prohibited.
   1004.   Copies of books and papers on demand.
   1005.   Inspection of books, accounts and papers.
   1006.   Surety bonds.
   1007.   Compilation of laws.
   1008.   County Seal.
   1009.   Subpoena power.
   1010.   Definitions and rules of construction.
   1011.   Custody of papers and records.
   1011A.   Publication and distribution of Charter.
   1012.   [Existing laws.]
   1013.   [Reference in State Constitution and laws to County Commissioners.]
   1014.   Construction of "local governing body."
   1015.   Separability.
   1016.   Citation.
   1017.   [Effective date of this Charter.]
   1101 - 1110. Repealed.
   1111.   Existing County seal.
   1201.   Termination.
   1202.   Amendment.
   1203.   Decennial Redistricting and Charter Revision Commission.