Prior to issuance of a sign permit for other than the replacement of sign faces within an existing cabinet, the owner of the site and/or building shall designate a signage plan for all signs proposed to occur on the site and building. The signage plan shall include the maximum height and width of signs, materials, and colors to be used on signs and the location and dimensions of the sign area on the building and yard sign locations. All building signs shall be affixed to a building wall, within the designated sign area, and shall not exceed the allowable dimensions of this chapter. All freestanding signs shall be permanently installed in designated locations and shall not exceed the allowable dimensions of this chapter. All signs proposed by building owners or tenants shall adhere to the requirements outlined in the signage plan for the building.
1.   The signage plan shall contain all of the information required for a master signage plan and shall also specify standards for consistency among all signs affected by the plan with regard to color scheme, lettering or graphic style, lighting, location of each sign on the buildings, materials, and sign proportions.
2.   Other provisions of a plan may contain other restrictions as the owners of the development or buildings may reasonably determine.
3.   The plan shall be signed by all owners or their authorized agents as required by the City.
4.   A signage plan shall be included with any building permit authorization, site plan review, nonresidential planned unit development, exterior remodel or other official plan required for the proposed development and shall be reviewed simultaneously with other plans.
5.   A signage plan may be amended by filing a new plan that conforms to all of the requirements of the City’s Code of Ordinances in effect at that time.
6.   If a new or amended signage plan is filed for a property on which existing signs are located, it shall include a schedule for bringing into compliance, within five years, all signs not conforming to the proposed amended plan or requirements of this chapter in effect on the date of submission.
7.   After approval of a signage plan, no sign shall be erected, placed, painted, or maintained, except in conformance with the plan, and the plan may be enforced in the same way as any provision of this chapter. In case of any conflict between the provisions of a plan and this chapter, this chapter shall control.