1.   Painting Directly on Exterior Walls. Signs shall not be painted directly on any exterior building surface but shall be on a separate frame. Signs, letters, and symbols may be attached directly to a wall by adhesive or mechanical means.
2.   Paper Signs. There shall be no paper cardboard or similar signs, notices, or flyers pasted, tacked, or otherwise affixed to the exterior wall or window of any building.
3.   Revolving Beacons, Sequential Flashers, Flashing Signs and all Similar Devices. There shall be no use of revolving beacons, sequential flashers, or similar devices.
4.   Portable or Movable Signs. There shall be no use of a sign so designed as to be movable from one location to another, such as (but not limited to) changeable message signs, reader boards, trailer, panel truck or semi-truck trailer, or other device whose function is to be stationary and serve as a sign except as described in Section 195.04(9) – Other Signs.
5.   Overhanging Signs. No permanent or temporary signs shall be upon or overhang the public right-of-way or the boundary of adjacent property except traffic signs erected by the City, County, or State and except for signs in special areas such as Uptown or Prairie Trail Town Center as authorized by the Plan and Zoning Commission and City Council.
6.   Open House, For Sale, Garage Sale Signs. Open house, for sale and garage sale signs, and the like may not be placed within street rights-of-way, easements, roadway surface, sidewalks, medians, and decorative surfaces, or within 300 feet of major arterial street intersections. Any sign so placed is a nuisance and traffic hazard and is hereby determined to be in violation of the sign regulations.
7.   Advertising or Billboard Signs Prohibited. No sign which directs attention to a business, commodity, service, or entertainment shall be placed or located within any street rights-of-way. No sign shall be on property other than the premises on which the business, commodity, service, or entertainment is located.