1.   The Clerk shall procure each year a sufficient number of tags or plates, the size and shape of which shall be changed each year, each of which shall state or indicate that the City dog or cat license fee is paid and the year for which it is issued; and shall deliver, without charge, one of such tags or plates stamped with the number of the license, to the person paying the license fee, at the time of paying the same. Such tag or plate shall be securely fastened to a collar or harness, which shall be placed or fastened around the neck of the dog or cat for which the license fee is paid, and shall be at all times kept on the animal for which the license is issued.
2.   Whenever a tag or plate is lost or destroyed and an application setting forth such fact is presented to the Clerk, a new tag or plate shall be issued for a charge of five dollars ($5.00).
(Ord. 1698 - Jul. 11 Supp.)
3.   The license tag shall not be removed from a dog or cat prior to the expiration of the license by any person who is not the owner thereof or the agent of such owner. Upon the expiration of the license, the owner shall remove the tag from the dog or cat. It is unlawful for any person to transfer a tag to another dog or cat.