General Parking Restrictions
   74.01   Stand or park close to curb
   74.02   Angle parking prohibited
   74.03   Lights on parked vehicle
   74.04   Parking on private property; consent required
   74.05   Street parking; 96-hour limit; permit exception
   74.06   Stopping, standing, parking; prohibited places
   74.07   Obstruction of street traffic prohibited
   74.08   Parking in alleys; obstruction prohibited
   74.09   Vehicles with live animals; parking time limit
   74.10   Prohibited commercial vehicle/truck parking in commercial, planned development commercial and planned development mixed zoning districts
Freight and Passenger Loading Zones
   74.20   Temporary loading zones; authority to designate
   74.21   Loading zone permits
   74.22   Permanent freight loading zones
Parking Restrictions in Designated Areas
   74.35   Application
   74.36   Regulations not exclusive
   74.37   Street work and snow removal; special regulations
   74.38   Parking prohibited in certain areas
   74.39   Parking in certain areas; restricted hours
   74.40   Limited time parking
Fire Lanes
   74.50   Definition
   74.51   Standards; size and markings
   74.52   Loading in fire lanes prohibited
   74.53   Fire lane parking violations
   74.54   Obstruction of building fire lanes prohibited
Parking for Disabled
   74.65   Definitions
   74.66   Designation of handicapped parking spaces
   74.67   Business establishments to provide handicapped parking spaces
   74.68   Handicapped parking permits
   74.69   Violations
Administration and Enforcement; Towing and Storage
   74.80   Towing of vehicles
   74.81   Illegally parked or abandoned vehicles; impoundment
   74.82   Repeat offenders; procedure
   74.83   Towing contractors and garage keepers; requirements
   74.84   Claiming towed vehicle; towing and storage fees
   74.85   Unclaimed impounded vehicles
   74.86   Authorized fees and charges
   74.87   General penalty