150.01   Intent
   150.02   Scope
   150.03   Definitions
   150.04   Sign permits
   150.05   Signs exempt from permit
   150.06   Prohibited signs
   150.07   General standards for certain signs
   150.08   Enforcement authority
   150.09   Removal procedures; signs on public property
   150.10   Removal procedures; signs on private property
   150.11   Impounded signs
   150.12   Stop work orders
   150.13   Citations
   150.14   Headings
Building Codes
   150.25   Codes adopted by reference
   150.26   Building Official
   150.27   Building permit procedures and instructions
   150.28   Permit application forms
   150.29   Effective date
Tree Preservation and Commercial Landscaping Requirements
   150.40   Title
   150.41   Application
   150.42   Definitions
   150.43   Adoption of technical specifications
   150.44   Required site plan, issuance of building permit, and requirement for issuance of certificate of occupancy
   150.45   Artificial lot designation
   150.46   Street-side tree preservation zones
   150.47   Tree planting or preservation requirements
   150.48   Alternate planting or preservation within street-side tree preservation zone or yard
   150.49   Prohibiting tree removal
   150.50   Providing for the preservation or planting of trees in parking lots
   150.51   Requiring shrubs to be planted along the perimeters of parking lots
   150.52   Landscape screening of commercial development
   150.53   Maintenance of trees required
   150.54   Failure to maintain required number of trees and shrubs
   150.55   Removal of unsafe trees
   150.56   Headings
   150.57   Effective date
Stormwater Pollution Prevention
   150.65   Construction and post-construction control measures
   150.66   Construction phase control measures
   150.67   Post-construction control measures
Economic and Utility Feasibility Studies
   150.70   Economic and utility feasibility study requirements
   150.99   Penalty