Article I. Incorporation and Form of Government
   Section 1.01   Incorporation
   Section 1.02   Form of government
   Section 1.03   Boundaries
Article II.  Powers of the City
   Section 2.01   General powers of the city
   Section 2.02   Construction of powers
   Section 2.03   Annexation
   Section 2.04   Eminent domain
   Section 2.05   Intergovernmental relations
Article III. City Council
   Section 3.01   Powers and duties
   Section 3.02   Number, selection and terms of office
   Section 3.03   Qualifications
   Section 3.04   Judge of qualifications
   Section 3.05   Prohibitions
   Section 3.06   Vacancies, forfeiture of office and filling of vacancies
   Section 3.07   Compensation and expenses
   Section 3.08   Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem
   Section 3.09   City Secretary
   Section 3.10   City Attorney
   Section 3.11   Investigations
   Section 3.12   Meetings
   Section 3.13   Rules of procedure
   Section 3.14   Action requiring an ordinance
   Section 3.15   Ordinances in general
   Section 3.16   Codes of technical regulations
   Section 3.17   Authentication and recording; codification
Article IV. Administrative Organization
   Section 4.01   Appointment, qualifications and compensation of the City Manager
   Section 4.02   Removal or suspension of the City Manager
   Section 4.03   Acting City Manager
   Section 4.04   Powers and duties of the City Manager
   Section 4.05   Administrative departments
   Section 4.06   Directors of departments
Article V. Municipal Court
   Section 5.01   Municipal Court
   Section 5.02   Judge of the Municipal Court
   Section 5.03   Clerk of the Municipal Court
Article VI. Financial Procedures
   Section 6.01   Fiscal year
   Section 6.02   Preparation and submission of the budget
   Section 6.03   Budget a public record
   Section 6.04   Public hearing on budget
   Section 6.05   Proceeding on adoption of budget
   Section 6.06   Budget appropriation and amount to be raised by taxation
   Section 6.07   Contingency accounts
   Section 6.08   Amending the budget
   Section 6.09   Certification and copies made available
   Section 6.10   Defect shall not invalidate the tax levy
   Section 6.11   Independent audit
   Section 6.12   Purchasing procedure
   Section 6.13   Investment policy
Article VII. Bonds, Warrants and Other Evidence of Indebtedness
   Section 7.01   Powers to issue
   Section 7.02   Interest and sinking fund
   Section 7.03   Revenue bonds
Article VIII. Taxation
   Section 8.01   Powers of taxation
   Section 8.02   Tax lien and liability
Article IX. Elections
   Section 9.01   Regular and special elections
   Section 9.02   Qualified voters
   Section 9.03   Regulation of elections
   Section 9.04   Filing for office
   Section 9.05   Official ballot
   Section 9.06   Conducting and canvassing elections
   Section 9.07   Election by plurality
Article X. Initiative, Referendum and Recall
   Section 10.01   Power of initiative
   Section 10.02   Power of referendum
   Section 10.03   Form of petition for initiative and referendum
   Section 10.04   Filing, examination and certification of petitions
   Section 10.05   Council consideration and submission to voters
   Section 10.06   Ballot form and results of election
   Section 10.07   Power of recall
   Section 10.08   Recall election
   Section 10.09   Recall ballot
   Section 10.10   Results of a recall election
   Section 10.11   Limitations on recall
Article XI. Franchises of Public Utilities
   Section 11.01   Power to grant franchise
   Section 11.02   Franchise extensions
   Section 11.03   Exclusivity and transfer of franchise
   Section 11.04   Regulation of franchises
   Section 11.05   Franchise records
Article XII. Planning
   Section 12.01   Planning and Zoning Commission
   Section 12.02   Powers and duties of the Planning and Zoning Commission
   Section 12.03   Comprehensive plan
Article XIII. General Provisions
   Section 13.01   Personal interests city contracts
   Section 13.02   Nepotism
   Section 13.03   Oaths of office
   Section 13.04   Prohibited activities and penalties
   Section 13.05   Claims against the city
   Section 13.06   Liens, assignment, execution and garnishment
   Section 13.07   References to state law
   Section 13.08   Separability
   Section 13.09   Charter amendment
Article XIV. Transitional Provisions
   Section 14.01   Effect of charter on existing officers and employees
   Section 14.02   Effect of charter on existing laws
   Section 14.03   Submission of charter to election