General Provisions
   151.01   Definitions
   151.02   Purpose and intent
   151.03   Fees
   151.04   Effective date
Manufactured Housing Regulations
   151.15   General restrictions
   151.16   Manufactured home use and occupancy permit
   151.17   Administration of permits; revocation
   151.18   Appeals from decision of Director
   151.19   Miscellaneous manufactured home and recreation vehicle requirements
   151.20   Mobile office units
   151.21   Territorial application
Manufactured Home Parks
   151.35   Construction permit required for manufactured home parks
   151.36   Manufactured home park operator's license required
   151.37   Manufactured home or recreation vehicle connected to utilities
   151.38   Inspection of a manufactured home park
   151.39   Maintenance of park records
   151.40   Suspensions, revocations, and disconnections
   151.41   Construction, environmental, open space, and access requirements of manufactured home parks
   151.42   Water and sewer system
   151.43   Electrical system
   151.44   Refuse handling
   151.45   Fuel supply and storage
   151.46   Fire protection
   151.47   Miscellaneous park requirements
   151.48   Density requirement
   151.49   Additional construction
   151.50   Supervision
Manufactured Home Subdivisions
   151.65   General provisions
   151.66   Minimum lots required
   151.67   Minimum width area
   151.68   Compensating open spaces
   151.69   Streets, drainage, lighting, and utilities
   151.70   Combination with other housing forms prohibited
   151.71   "De facto" manufactured home subdivisions
   151.99   Penalty
   Appendix A:   Manufactured Home Fee Schedule
   Appendix B:   Property Inspection Report
   Appendix C:   Manufactured Housing Rules