General Provisions
   35.01   Payment of fees to Clerk-Treasurer
   35.02   Claims against city for work done or property furnished to city
   35.03   Purchase of supplies manufactured in the United States
   35.04   Charges for Police Department reports
   35.05   Investment Policy
   35.06   Internal Control Standards
   35.07   Materiality Threshold Policy
Appropriations and Expenditures
   35.15   Monthly record required by each department
   35.16   Purchase order required for expenditures in excess of $100
   35.17   Presentation of expenditures
   35.18   Rejection of claims
   35.30   Cumulative Capital Improvement Fund
   35.31   Special non-reverting funds
   35.31.1   Hazardous materials emergency action reimbursement
   35.32   Promotion of city
   35.33   Cumulative Capital Development Fund
   35.34   Economic Development Income Tax Fund
   35.35   Police Department Drug Enforcement Fund
   35.36   DARE Fund Account
   35.37   Hazardous Waste Fund
   35.38   Police Department Drug Investigation Fund
   35.39   Police Department Block Grant Fund
   35.40   Parks and Recreation Department, Indiana Boats and Water Grant
   35.41   Parks and Recreation Department Grant Fund
   35.42   Police Department Traffic Safety Equipment Fund
   35.43   Police Department Training Center Fund
   35.44   Fire Department SEMA Haz-Mat Grant Fund
   35.45   Fire Department Arson/Inspection Training Fund
   35.46   Fire Department Health and Safety Equipment Fund
   35.47   Fire Department Tobacco Cessation Fund
   35.48   Riverboat Wagering Tax Revenue Sharing Cities and Towns Fund
   35.49   Rainy Day Fund
   35.50   City Council Donation Fund
   35.51   Stormwater Drainage Planning Grant Fund
   35.52   Recycling Center Fund
   35.53   Haz-Mat Reimbursement Fund
   35.54   Rural Development Grant Fund
   35.55   Major Moves Fund
   35.56   Heritage Trail Fund
   35.57   Second Street Resurfacing Fund
   35.58   Police Department Permanent Child Seat Safety Inspection Station Fund
   35.59   Riverfront Pavilion Fund
   35.60   Police Department Shared Grant Fund
   35.61   Reserved
   35.62   Police Department Operation Pullover Equipment Fund
   35.63   Master Planning Grant Fund
   35.64   Home Improvements Grant Fund
   35.65   Parks and Recreation Department Pool Restroom Renovation Grant Fund
   35.66   Local Options Income Tax Fund
   Stormwater fund, see § 53.108