(A)   Fund 62 is established as the Police Drug Investigation Fund, and the primary source of revenue deposited in that fund, entitled Federal Forfeiture and Seizure, shall be forfeiture, seizures, and moneys received from the federal government.
   (B)   As the purpose of the Police Drug Investigation Division is to stop the manufacturing, sales and use of all illegal drugs, expenditures from this fund shall be to assist in the costs of drug investigations in accordance with the statutes and guidelines covered in the Equitable Sharing Agreement.
   (C)   The term of the fund established by this section shall be perpetual until terminated by another ordinance and shall be nonreverting at year end.
   (D)   Unless otherwise provided by another ordinance, the disposition of the fund balance upon the termination of the fund shall be by transfer to the general fund of the city.
(Ord. 10-2000, passed 5-22-00; Am. Ord. 7-2001, passed 4-23-01)