1040.01   Definitions.
1040.02   Depositing excrement, garbage, etc. on property.
1040.03   Unlawful discharges into natural outlets.
1040.04   Maintaining a privy, etc.
1040.05   Installation and connection of toilet facilities required.
1040.06   Unlawful discharges into sanitary sewers.
1040.07   Storm sewers/drains.
1040.08   Unlawful discharges into public sewers.
1040.09   Connection to private sewage disposal system required.
1040.10   Permit required; application; fee.
1040.11   Inspections.
1040.12   Recommendations and regulations for installation.
1040.13   Abandonment of private sewage disposal system required.
1040.14   Operation and maintenance at owner's expense.
1040.15   Additional requirements imposed.
1040.16   Sewer connections; permit required.
1040.17   Building sewer permits; applications; fees.
1040.18   Costs and expenses to be borne by owner.
1040.19   Separate sewers required; exception.
1040.20   Use of old building sewers.
1040.21   Sewer specifications; joint specifications.
1040.22   Connection of building sewer with public sewer.
1040.23   Notification for inspection.
1040.24   Excavations to be adequately guarded; restoration of disturbed surfaces.
1040.25   Interceptors to be provided when necessary.
1040.26   Materials for interceptors.
1040.27   Maintenance of interceptors.
1040.28   Requirements for admitting waste into public sewers.
1040.29   Maintenance of preliminary treatment facilities.
1040.30   Installation of control manholes.
1040.31   Measurements, tests and analyses of water and wastes.
1040.32   Special agreements or arrangements.
1040.33   Inspections authorized.
1040.34   Notice of violation.
1040.35   Right to require pretreatment.
1040.36   Connection fees.
1040.365   Regional wastewater treatment plant capacity fee.
1040.37   Rental for sewerage services.
1040.38   Credit for water not discharged to sewerage system.
1040.39   Sewer revenue fund.
1040.40   Sewer service charges within City.
1040.41   Sewer service charges outside City.
1040.42   Use of water meters to measure sewer service charge.
1040.43   Private installation of water meters by user of City water.
1040.44   Installation of water meters by nonusers of City water.
1040.45   Installation of water meter by part-user of City water.
1040.46   Industrial exemptions.
1040.47   Payment of sewer charges.
1040.48   Beginning of rental.
1040.49   Lien for nonpayment of sewerage charges.
1040.50   Collection of rentals by treasurer; promulgation of bylaws and regulations.
1040.51   Industries which must enter into special agreements.
1040.52   Contracts with others outside City limits.
1040.53   Annual audit.
1040.54   Civil liability.
1040.55   Separability.
1040.99   Penalty.
   Compulsory sewer connections - see Ohio R.C. 729.06
   Sewerage rates - see Ohio R.C. 729.49, 729.52
   Management and control of system - see Ohio R.C. 729.50, 729.51
   Untreated sewage - see Ohio R.C. 3701.59
   Interference with sewage flow - see Ohio R.C. 4933.24
   Board of Utility Appeals - see ADM. Ch. 279
   Utilities generally – see S.U. & P.S. Ch. 1054