Article I:  1867 Charter
   1   Town established; town boundaries
   2   Vesting of government
   3   Body politic and corporate
   4   Election and term of office of Commissioners
   5   Continuation in office of appointed Commissioners
   6   Effective date
Article II:  1901 Charter Supplement
   1   Continuation as body politic and corporate; general powers of town
   2   Additional territory
   3   Corporate power and authority vested in Mayor and five Commissioners; eligibility to hold office
   4   Voter eligibility
   5   Election and term of office of Mayor and Commissioners
   6   Erection of wooden buildings on Main Street
   7   Authority of Commissioners to open new streets; condemnation of land
   8   Male residents may be required to work on town streets; tax in lieu of work
   9   Penalty for refusing to work on streets
   10   Appointment and compensation of town officers and policemen; compensation of Mayor and Board of Commissioners
   11   Rules regulating erection of stoves, chimneys and the like
   12   Levy of property taxes and taxes on sale of liquor
   13   Levy of taxes on businesses and professions, amusements and animals
   14   Appointment of list-taker; payment of taxes
   15   Incorporation of state law provisions; imposition of penalties for failure to pay taxes
   16   Penalty for violating ordinances
   17   Mayor shall preside at meeting of Commissioners
   18   Vacancies in office of Mayor or Commissioner
   19   Map of town
   20   Effective date; repeal of conflicting laws
Article III:  Miscellaneous Related Laws
Division 1:  Boundary Changes
Subdivision 1:  1909 Addition
   1   Designated
   2   Effective date
Subdivision 2: 1913 Addition
   1   Designated
   2   Effective date
Division 2:  Elections
   1   Notice of candidacy for town elective offices; filing fee
   2   Printing of ballots
   3   Conflicting laws repealed
   4   Effective date