Electrical Code
1349.01   Adoption of electrical code.
1349.02   Examining Board.
1349.03   Electrical contractor; work on own premises by nonelectrician.
1349.04   Classes of licenses.
1349.05   Electrical contractor's licenses, class A.  (Repealed)
1349.06   Journeyman electrician's license, class B.
1349.06.1   Residential electrician’s license, Class C.
1349.07   Apprentice electrician's license.
1349.08   License fees and permits.
1349.09   Plant defined; no permits required.
1349.10   Public utility; no permits required.
1349.11   Electricians in plants and public utilities; no licenses required.
1349.12   Elevator and escalator work; no  permit required.
1349.13   Permits.
1349.14   Ten-dollars limitation; no fee required.
1349.15   Signal and control wiring; no fee required.
1349.16   Permit applications; meter transfers.
1349.17   Inspection fees.
1349.18   Reserved.
1349.19   Electrical inspector qualifications and appointment.
1349.20   Duties of the electrical inspector.
1349.21   Authority of electrical inspector  for reasonable access; right to disconnect wires; nuisances declared.
1349.22   Rough-in inspection; ticket of approval.
1349.23   Final inspection.
1349.24   Approval required.
1349.25   National electrical code; compliance; complaints.
1349.26   Service entrance and other requirements.
1349.27   Building classification; requirements; definitions.
1349.28   Signal wires, removal and replacement.
1349.29   Fires, emergency action; repair or renewal.
1349.30   Liability for damages.
1349.31   No electric permit required for replacement of heating/air conditioning equipment.
1349.99   Penalty.
      Electrician Examining Board -see BLDG. Ch. 1313