General Provisions
   154.001   Title
   154.002   Purpose
   154.003   Definitions
   154.004   Fees
Establishment of Districts
   154.015   District types
   154.016   Low Density Residential District (R-1)
   154.017   Medium Density Residential District (R-2)
   154.018   High Density Residential District (R-3)
   154.019   Service Business District (B-1)
   154.020   Local Business District (B-2)
   154.021   Central Business District (B-3)
   154.022   Light Manufacturing District (M-1)
   154.023   Heavy Manufacturing District (M-2)
Historic District
   154.035   Purpose
   154.036   Downtown Historic District boundary
   154.037   Nomination of landmarks
   154.038   Fees
   154.039   Criteria for consideration
   154.040   Certificate of appropriateness; issuance
   154.041   Notice of demolition
Provisions for Official Zoning Map
   154.055   Official zoning map
   154.056   Identification of the official zoning map
   154.057   Recording changes in the official zoning map
   154.058   Replacement of the official zoning map
   154.059   Preserving records
   154.060   Interpretation of district boundaries
   154.061   Changes to the official zoning map; application contents
District Regulations
   154.075   Compliance with regulations
   154.076   Schedule of district regulations adopted
   154.077   Identification of the schedule of district regulations
Conditional Uses
   154.090   Permitted conditional uses
   154.091   Required plan
   154.092   Expiration
   154.093   Existing violations
   154.094   Standards applicable to all conditional uses
   154.095   Adult entertainment use
   154.110   Off-street parking requirements
   154.111   Number of parking spaces required
   154.112   Screening and landscaping
   154.113   Minimum distance and setbacks
   154.114   Joint use
   154.115   Other locations
   154.116   Surfacing
   154.117   Lighting
   154.118   Disabled, junked, dismantled, wrecked vehicles
   154.119   Off-street loading requirements
Special Provisions; Residential Uses
   154.130   Determining minimum floor area for housing units
   154.131   Conversion of dwellings to more units
   154.132   Private swimming pools
   154.133   Setback requirements for corner buildings
Special Provisions; Commercial, Industrial Uses
   154.145   Purpose
   154.146   Fire hazard
   154.147   Electrical disturbance
   154.148   Environmental prohibitions
Supplementary District Regulations
   154.160   Purpose
   154.161   Side and rear yard requirements for nonresidential uses abutting residential districts
   154.162   Exceptions to height regulations
   154.163   Architectural projections
   154.164   Visibility at intersections in residential districts
   154.165   Fences, walls, hedges
   154.166   Erection of more than one principal structure on a lot
   154.167   Parking and storage of certain vehicles
   154.168   Effective screening of junk storage and sales
   154.169   Temporary buildings
   154.170   Open storage and display of material and equipment
   154.171   Telecommunication towers
   154.172   Junk
   154.173   Grass, weed control
   154.174   Screening
Dish-Type Antenna Regulations
   154.185   Installation
   154.186   Application for permit
   154.187   Location
   154.188   Support structures
   154.189   Size; height
District R-3 Supplementary Regulations
   154.200   Purpose
   154.201   Definition
   154.202   Principally permitted uses
   154.203   Permitted accessory uses
   154.204   Conditionally permitted uses
   154.205   Minimum lot area and width
   154.206   Minimum front yard setback
   154.207   Minimum side yard setback
   154.208   Minimum rear yard setback
   154.209   Maximum height regulations
   154.210   Minimum floor area
   154.211   Maximum lot occupation
   154.212   Off-street parking and loading
   154.213   Land use intensity
   154.214   Development and review; procedure, submission
   154.215   Multi-family housing supplemental standards
Planned Unit Development
   154.230   Purpose
   154.231   Permitted uses
   154.232   General requirements
   154.233   Disposition of open space
   154.234   Residential lot location
   154.235   Diversification of lot sizes
   154.236   Reduction of Planned Unit Development area
   154.237   Height requirements
   154.238   Commercial Planned Unit Development requirements
   154.239   Commercial projects, side yards, rear yards
   154.240   Arrangement of commercial uses
   154.241   Industrial Planned Unit Development Requirements
   154.242   Industrial project
   154.243   Arrangement of industrial uses
   154.244   Procedure to secure approval of Planned Unit Development
   154.245   Preliminary development plan; review
   154.246   Detailed development plan
   154.247   Basis of approval
   154.248   Action of the Planing Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals
   154.249   Approval board
   154.250   Other requirements
Manufactured Dwelling-Housing
   154.265   Location of manufactured dwelling-housing
   154.266   Park size
   154.267   Density
   154.268   Park width and depth
   154.269   Park side and rear yards
   154.270   Park improvements
Signs and Advertising
   154.285   Sign defined and regulated
   154.286   Outdoor advertising structures defined
   154.287   Measurement of area
   154.288   General provisions for permits
   154.289   Location and area of advertising signs
   154.290   Area of announcement and professional signs
   154.291   Signs for public or quasi-public purposes
   154.292   Wall signs
   154.293   Awnings with signs
   154.294   Temporary signs
   154.295   Signs and public rights-of-way
   154.296   Signs placed on vehicles or trailers
   154.297   Business displays and advertising
   154.298   Government flags, insignia; signs
   154.299   Electrically illuminated signs
   154.300   Marking of signs
   154.301   Attachment signs
   154.302   Inspection of signs
   154.303   Maintenance of signs
   154.304   Signs installed in violation of requirements
   154.305   Signs in commercial and industrial districts
   154.306   Free-standing signs
   154.307   Pole signs
   154.308   Area of business advertising signs
   154.309   Roof signs
   154.310   Political signs
   154.311   Sign setback requirements
   154.312   Special yard provisions
   154.313   Illumination
   154.314   Subdivision signs
   154.315   Sign permits required
   154.316   Drawings and specifications
   154.317   Signs interfering with traffic control or movement prohibited
   154.318   Exemptions
Nonconforming Uses
   154.330   Intent
   154.331   Incompatibility of nonconforming uses
   154.332   Avoidance of undue hardship
   154.333   Single nonconforming lots of record
   154.334   Nonconforming lots of record in combination
   154.335   Nonconforming uses of land
   154.336   Nonconforming structures
   154.337   Nonconforming uses of structures or of structures and premises in combination
   154.338   Repairs and maintenance
   154.339   Uses under conditional use provisions not nonconforming
   154.350   Office of Zoning Officer created; duties
   154.351   Proceedings of Planning Commission
   154.352   Board of Zoning Appeals created; proceedings; duties
   154.353   Duties of Zoning Officer, Board of Zoning Appeals, legislative authority, courts on matters of appeal
   154.354   Procedures and requirements for appeals and variances
   154.355   Appeals
   154.356   Stay of proceedings
   154.357   Variances
   154.358   Application and standards for variances
   154.359   Supplementary conditions and safeguards
   154.360   Public hearing by the Board of Zoning Appeals
   154.361   Notice of public hearing in newspaper
   154.362   Notice to parties of interest
   154.363   Act by Board of Zoning Appeals
   154.364   Procedure and requirements for approval of conditional use permits
   154.375   Zoning permits required
   154.376   Contents of application for zoning permit
   154.377   Approval of zoning permit
   154.378   Submission to Director of Transportation
   154.379   Expiration of zoning permit
   154.380   Certificate of occupancy
   154.381   Temporary certificate of occupancy
   154.382   Record of zoning permits and certificates of occupancy
   154.383   Failure to obtain a zoning permit or certificate of occupancy
   154.384   Construction and use to be as provided in applications, plans, permits, and certificates
   154.385   Schedule of fees, charges, and expenses
   154.999   Penalty
   Annexations and incorporations, see TSO, Table II
   Stormwater regulations, see Ch. 152
   Zoning map changes, see TSO, Table IV