Only those uses permitted, or conditionally permitted, in each district, or interpreted to be included under §§ 154.015 through 154.023, the schedule of district regulations, contained in the sections listed in § 154.076, may be proposed for development under the planned development approach. Compatible residential, commercial, industrial, public, and quasi-public uses may be combined; provided that the proposed location of the commercial or industrial uses will not adversely affect or disregard adjacent property, public health, safety, morals, and general welfare; and, provided further, that in a residential-commercial-industrial or residential-commercial development the amount of land devoted to commercial and/or industrial usage shall not exceed 50% of the total land area of the development. A variety of housing and building types is encouraged by permitting an increased number of families per acre, as well as by allowing reductions in lot dimensions, yards, building setbacks, and area requirements.
(Ord. 420, passed 3-4-1981)