(A)   Noise. Noise which is objectionable, as determined by the Board, due to volume, frequency, or beat shall be muffled or otherwise controlled. Fire sirens and related apparatus used solely for public purposes are exempt from this requirement.
   (B)   Odors. No malodorous gas or matter shall be permitted which is offensive, or as to produce a public nuisance or hazard on any adjoining lot or property.
   (C)   Air pollution. No pollution of air by fly-ash, dust, vapors, or other substances shall be permitted which is harmful to health, animals, vegetation, or other property, nor which can cause excessive soiling.
   (D)   Erosion. No erosion, by either wind or water, shall be permitted which will carry objectionable substance onto neighboring properties.
(Ord. 420, passed 3-4-1981)