(A)   The application for a zoning permit shall be signed by the owner or applicant attesting to the truth and exactness of all information supplied on the application.
   (B)   Each application shall clearly state that the permit shall expire and be revoked if work is not started within one year, or substantially completed within two and one-half years.
   (C)   At a minimum, the application shall contain the following information on the long form, or a condensed version on the short form:
      (1)   Name, address, and phone number of the applicant;
      (2)   Legal description of the property;
      (3)   Existing use of the property or structure;
      (4)   Proposed use of property or structure;
      (5)   Zoning district, lot number, and subdivision;
      (6)   Building heights (number of stories);
      (7)   Number of off-street parking spaces or loading berths to be provided;
      (8)   Number of dwelling units;
      (9)   Plans in duplicate drawn to scale, showing the actual dimensions and shape of the lot to be built upon, the exact size and location of existing buildings on the lot, if any, and the location and dimensions of the proposed buildings or alteration; and
      (10)   Such other information, as may be necessary, to determine conformance with, and provide for the enforcement of, this chapter.
(Ord. 823, passed 12-6-1999)