(A)   A Zoning Officer designated by the Mayor with the consent of the Village Council shall administer and enforce this chapter. He or she may be provided with the assistance of such other persons as the Mayor may direct.
   (B)   For the purpose of this chapter, the Zoning Officer shall have the following duties:
      (1)   Upon finding that any of the provisions of this chapter are being violated, he or she shall notify, in writing, the person responsible for such violation, ordering the action necessary to correct such violation;
      (2)   Order discontinuance of illegal uses of land, building, or structures;
      (3)   Order removal of illegal buildings or structures, or illegal additions or structural alterations;
      (4)   Order discontinuance of any illegal work being done; and/or
      (5)   Take any other action authorized by this chapter to ensure compliance with, or to prevent violation(s) of, this chapter. This may include the issuance of, and action on, zoning and certificate of occupancy permits, and such similar administrative duties as are permissible under the law.
(Ord. 420, passed 3-4-1981)