(A)   A nominated structure, property, or area must be 50 years of age on the date of designation unless it is in an integral part of a designated Historic District.
   (B)   The Commission, upon investigation, as it deems necessary, shall make a determination as to whether a nominated structure, property, or area meets one or more of the following criteria:
      (1)   It has character, interest, or value as part of the development, heritage, or cultural characteristics of the community, county, state, or country;
      (2)   It is identified with a person who significantly contributed to the development of the community, county, state, or country;
      (3)   Its location was a site of significant local, county, state, or national event;
      (4)   It embodies elements of design, detailing, materials, or craftsmanship that render it architecturally significant;
      (5)   It has a unique location;
      (6)   It is suitable for preservation or restoration;
      (7)   The design of new structures and of additions to existing structures, including new site improvements, shall take into account the architectural style, general design, arrangement, texture, material, and color of other structures and premises within the District;
      (8)   The use of natural traditional exterior materials such as brick, stone, masonry, and wood is encouraged on all new structures and all reconstruction, or remodeling, of existing structures within the District;
      (9)   The use of contemporary materials, such as metals, fiberglass, and plastics for exterior surfaces is permissible; provided these materials duplicate the design, texture, and other visual qualities of the building’s original materials; and
      (10)   All signs within the District shall conform to color and material standards of the Commission, be of such a style or design that reflects the character of the District, and shall conform to all requirements of such.
(Ord. 812, passed - -)