The Planning Commission may recommend that the Board of Zoning Appeals, after a public hearing, approve the detailed development plan; provided the Planning Commission finds that the facts submitted with the application and presented at the hearings establish that:
   (A)   The proposed development can be completed within five years of the date of approval;
   (B)   Each individual unit of the development, as well as the total development, can exist as an independent unit capable of creating an environment of sustained desirability and stability, or that adequate assurance will be provided that such objective will be attained; the uses proposed will not be detrimental to present and potential surrounding uses, but will have a beneficial effect which could not be achieved under standard district regulations;
   (C)   The streets and thoroughfares proposed are suitable and adequate to carry anticipated traffic, and increased densities will not generate traffic in such amounts as to overload the street network outside the planned development;
   (D)   Any proposed commercial development can be justified economically at the locations proposed to provide for adequate commercial facilities of the types proposed;
   (E)   Any exception from standard district requirements is warranted by the design and other amenities incorporated in the detailed development plan, in accord with the Planned Unit Development and the adopted policy of the Planning Commission and the Village Council;
   (F)   The area surrounding said development can be planned and zoned in coordination and substantial compatibility with the proposed development;
   (G)   The Planned Unit Development is in general conformance with the comprehensive plan of the village; and
   (H)   The existing and proposed utility services are adequate for the population densities and nonresidential uses proposed.
(Ord. 420, passed 3-4-1981)