(A)   An occupant or renter must have permission from the owners of the lot, premises, or parcel of land within the village to construct or erect a dish-type antenna.
   (B)   The Zoning Officer shall consider an application; provided the applicant submits a written application form to be supplied by the Zoning Officer with a plan of the lot or parcel, showing the location of the proposed dish-type antenna and the location of all buildings on the subject lot or parcel, and two complete sets of construction plans, specifications, and elevations of the proposed location with sufficient detail to show the method of assembly and construction. The plans will give the complete name and address of the property owner, and the complete name and address of the individual who prepared the plans and specifications. The application shall show the complete name and address of the property owners, the occupant of the premises, and the contractor or other persons who will make the installation.
   (C)   In addition, the application will show the name and address of all adjacent property owners.
(Ord. 533, passed 4-4-1994)