General Provisions
   96.001   Cutting/trimming of trees
   96.002   Sidewalk displays and sales during Parke County Covered Bridge Festival
   96.003   Encroachments of public rights-of-way
   96.004   Sidewalk displays of merchandise
Certain Accessory Structures Adjacent to Sidewalks Restricted
   96.015   Structures restricted
   96.016   Signs and awnings; sidewalk clearance
   96.017   Notice of violation; abatement procedure
   96.018   Regulations supplementary to other ordinances
Maintenance of Public Sidewalks and Curbs
   96.030   Authority, purpose and scope
   96.031   Definitions
   96.032   Liability of property owner to maintain abutting sidewalk
   96.033   Public sidewalks or curbs determined to provide particular benefit to abutting properties
   96.034   Finding of necessary or desirable repairs or restoration of public sidewalks and/or curbs; adoption of preliminary resolution; specifications of intended improvements
   96.035   Public hearing on preliminary resolution; determination of cost-effective benefits; adoption of final resolution and order to perform work
   96.036   Remonstrances or objections to final resolution
   96.037   Notice to property owners; time period
   96.038   Power of town to inspect and approve work performed
   96.039   Failure of owner to perform required work
Excavation in Streets and Rights-of-Way
   96.050   Permit required; application; fees
   96.051   Surety; indemnification of town
   96.052   Method of excavation; excavated material; other regulations
   96.053   Completion of work; restoration; clean-up
   96.054   Special requirements for urgent completion of emergency work
   96.055   Inspections and supervision; further regulations
   96.056   Maintenance of location records by public utilities
   96.057   Abandoned substructures; notice; removal of obstructions
Construction of Utilities and Other Public Works; Rights-of-Way and Easements
   96.070   General restriction
   96.071   Definition
   96.072   Relocation of utilities at cost of the owner
   96.073   Street cuts
   96.074   Maintenance of safeguards, barriers, lights and work hours of activity permitted
   96.075   Excavation, backfilling and restoration of service
   96.076   Permit required
   96.077   INDOT permits recognized
   96.078   Definition of “emergency” and permit required for emergency cuts
   96.079   Cost of restoration of street cuts to be paid to the town
   96.080   Cuts restored by authorized agencies/utilities
   96.081   Refund of permit fees
   96.082   Waiver of permit fee
   96.083   Suspension of permit upon failure to comply
   96.084   Performance bond
   96.085   Indemnification
   96.999   Penalty