(A)   It shall be unlawful for any person to tunnel under or to make any excavation in any street, alley, easement, right-of-way or other public place in the town without having obtained a permit as is herein required, or without complying with the provisions of this chapter or in violation of or variance from the terms of any permit.
   (B)   Applications for permits shall be made to the Clerk-Treasurer at the Town Council office, and shall describe the location of the intended excavation or tunnel, the size thereof, the purpose therefor, the person, firm or corporation for whom the work is being done, and shall contain an agreement that the applicant will comply with all ordinances, and laws relating to the work to be done.
   (C)   A fee shall be paid for each permit in accordance with the type or surface pavement to be excavated in or under, as follows:
Asphalt or Portland cement concrete
Oil-treated surface
Unimproved surface
(1984 Code, § 5-1-1)  (Ord. 494, passed 2-17-1976)  Penalty, see § 96.999