(A)   Before making a pavement cut or performing any work in a street right-of-way or easement, a permit will be obtained from the Town Superintendent, except in those instances otherwise provided for in this subchapter. No permit will be required for normal maintenance activities not requiring excavation in the right-of-way, a pavement cut or the blocking of traffic.
   (B)   For new construction, a utility will submit two sets of project construction plans at the time of filing an application for a permit. Plans will not be required for routine maintenance and service installations.
   (C)   The construction plans will be promptly reviewed and a permit will be issued within three working days after submitting the plans, or written comments submitted for revision of the plans to be made by the utility. Revisions will be limited to those areas affecting town facilities and/or traffic or pedestrian flow and protection. The utility will be responsible for the engineering and design of its project and the integration of its maintenance and construction responsibilities.
   (D)   No permit shall be issued until the permittee has presented a utility location request number meeting the 48-hour requirement of notification, except in the case of emergencies.
   (E)   Permit with conditions: in order to expedite the issuance of a permit, a permit may be issued with conditions on construction and work hours initialed on the face of the permit in lieu of requiring revisions in the plans. Upon issuance of the permit, one set of construction plans marked “approved” will be returned to the utility.
   (F)   The fee for a permit for work performed under this subchapter shall be paid in accordance with the Street Department Fee Schedule.
(Ord. 2011-779, passed 11-29-2011)