(A)   Within ten days of the adoption of a final resolution under § 96.035, 50% or more of the affected property owners may file a remonstrance with the Town Council, in which case the final resolution does not become effective unless a further ordinance specifically re-conforming the resolution and ordering the contemplated work is adopted within 60 days by a two-thirds vote of the Town Council. Furthermore, if 40% or more of the persons who own property abutting the curbs or sidewalks which are ordered improved and who are affected by the final resolution object thereto, they may file a petition with the Clerk-Treasurer within five days of the adoption of the resolution as provided by I.C. 36-9-36-15.
   (B)   If the Town Council does not within five days after such filing rescind the resolution, the Clerk-Treasurer shall then file a copy of the resolution and the objection with the Circuit Court of the county for further hearing in accordance with I.C. 36-9-36-16.
   (C)   The objectors shall also be required to post a surety bond in an amount to be set by such court.
(Ord. passed 12-18-1989)