(A)   Whenever the Town Council enacts a final resolution under § 96.035, which includes a provision described by § 96.035(C), and if remonstrances or objections are not filed within the stipulated time or if the Town Council reconfirms the resolution by ordinance or the court under I.C. 36-9-36-16 overrules such objections and confirms the order of the Town Council, the Clerk-Treasurer shall prepare a written notice and order in the name of the Town Council and addressed to the owner of any property affected by the final resolution informing the person or persons of the adoption of the final resolution, the nature of the work required to be performed by them at their expense, and that such work must be performed to the satisfaction of the town within 30 days of the date of the notice or within such other reasonable time to be determined by the Town Council.
   (B)   The Clerk-Treasurer shall cause a copy of the notice to be either personally served or delivered by mail to each affected property owner at his, her or their last known address as shown on the property tax duplicate records filed in the office of the County Auditor.
(Ord. passed 12-18-1989)