If a property owner is sent a notice under § 96.037 and fails to perform or have performed the required work to the satisfaction of the town within 30 days or within such other reasonable time to be determined by the Town Council, the Town Council may provide for the work to be performed by an independent contractor. The contract shall be let in the same manner as other public works contracts, and the cost thereof shall be a lien and assessment against the property enforceable and collectible in the same manner as Barrett Law assessments under I.C. 36-9-36. If work is to be performed by an independent contractor with respect to more than one property, the Town Council shall let a single contract and the assessment shall be prorated to each property in the proportion that the lineal footage of each such property abutting the affected sidewalk or curb bears to the total lineal footage of the sidewalk or curb to be improved by an independent contractor.
(Ord. passed 12-18-1989)