General Provisions
   36.001   Rules and regulations adopted
   36.002   Composition of department
   36.003   Power to summon citizens
   36.004   Minimum age requirement
   36.005   Duty to collect license fees
   36.006   Fee for serivce of criminal summons
Classification and Pay Plan
   36.025   Establishment
   36.026   Hiring
   36.027   Raises
   36.028   Promotion; proficiency tests; demotions
   36.029   Prior service employees
School Traffic Patrol
   36.055   Established
   36.056   Selection of members; number; qualification; discharge or suspension
   36.057   Compensation
   36.058   Duty
   36.059   Supervision
   36.060   Authority
Safekeeping of Property in Custody of Police
   36.070   Duties and responsibilities
   36.071   Classes of property
   36.072   Exceptions
   36.073   Disposition of personalty in the possession of the city’s Police Department Property Custodian
Police and Firefighter's Retirement Fund
   36.085   Creation
   36.086   Definitions
   36.087   Purpose of fund
   36.088   Membership
   36.089   Member's contributions to the fund
   36.090   City's contributions to the fund
   36.091   Service credit
   36.092   Retirement
   36.093   Retirement annuity
   36.094   Benefits to surviving widow, minor children, parents of members whose death was due to occupational causes
   36.095   Benefits to surviving widow and minor children of member whose death was not occasioned by performance of duty
   36.096   Annuity rate for permanent occupational disability
   36.097   Disability retirement annuity for total and disability not occasioned by member's duties
   36.098   Determination of disability
   36.099   Withdrawal from service
   36.100   Withdrawal from service prior to retirement
   36.101   Death benefit where no widow's annuity or children's annuities are payable
   36.102   Creation of Board of Trustees to operate fund and direct policies
   36.103   Election of active members
   36.104   Duties of the Board of Trustees
   36.105   Officers of the Board of Trustees; attorney; actuarial assistance
   36.106   Investments by the Board
   36.107   Records and accounts
   36.108   Provisions for adverse determinations
   36.109   How monies paid out
   36.110   Superseded pension funds
   36.111   Deductions authorized by members
   36.112   Benefit non-assignable, non-attachable
   36.113   Payment of annuities
   36.114   Annuity payments and other expenses are an obligation of the city
   36.115   Adjustment of monthly pension benefits
   36.999   Penalty
   Racial profiling prohibition, see § 34.50