§ 36.086  DEFINITIONS.
   For the purpose of this subchapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   AVERAGE SALARY.  The highest average annual salary of the member for any three consecutive years of service within the total service of the member, and includes employee contributions picked up by the employer pursuant to KRS 65.155.
   BOARD.  The Board of Trustees provided for herein as the agency responsible for the direction and operation of the affairs and business of the fund.  The Board shall hold title to all assets of the fund.
   CITY.  The City of Richmond.
   DEPARTMENT.  The Police Department or the Fire Department of the city.
   FUND.  The Policemen's and Firefighter's Retirement Fund of the city.
   MEMBER.  Any member of the Police or Fire Department who is included in the membership of the fund.
   MEMBERSHIP SERVICE.  Service rendered on or after the date of establishment.
   OCCUPATIONAL DEATH.  Death due to occupational causes, including, but not limited to, injury or disease.
   OCCUPATIONAL DISABILITY.  Disability due to occupational cause, including, but not limited to, injury or disease.  The presumption of contracting disease “while on active duty as a result of strain or the inhalation of noxious fumes, poisons or gases” created by KRS 79.080 shall be a presumption of “occupational disability” hereunder.
   PRIOR SERVICE.  Service rendered prior to the date of establishment.
   REGULAR INTEREST.  Such rate of interest as shall be fixed by the Board, provided that for the first five years of operation of the fund the rate shall be 3% per annum, compounded annually.
   SERVICE.  Actual employment in a department of the city for salary or compensation, or service otherwise creditable as herein provided.
   TOTAL DISABILITY.  A disability which substantially precludes a person from performing with reasonable regularity the substantial and material parts of any gainful work or occupation in the service of the department that he would be competent to perform were it not for the fact that the impairment is founded upon conditions which render it reasonably certain that it will continue indefinitely.
   TOTAL SERVICE.  Prior service, membership service, and military service.
   WIDOW.  This term shall include widower.
(Ord. 87-26, passed 7-28-87)