(A)   Upon withdrawal from service prior to retirement, a member shall be entitled to receive a refund of the amount of contributions made by the member after the date of establishment, including those employee contributions picked up by the employer pursuant to KRS 65.155, without interest.
   (B)   Any member receiving a refund of contributions shall thereby ipso facto forfeit, waive and relinquish all accrued rights and benefits in the system, including all credited and creditable service.  The Board may, in its discretion, regardless of cause, withhold payment of a refund for a period not to exceed six months after receipt of an application from a member.
   (C)   Any member who has received a refund shall be considered a new member upon subsequent re-employment if such person qualifies for membership under the provisions hereof.  After the completion of at least five years of continuous membership service following his latest reemployment, such member shall have the right to make a repayment to the system of the amount or amounts previously received as refund, including 6% interest from the dates of refund to the date of repayment.  Such repayment shall not be pickup up by the employer pursuant to KRS 65.155.  Upon the restoration of such refunds, as herein provided, such member shall have reinstated to his account all credited service represented by the refunds of which repayment has been made.  Repayment of refunds by any member shall include all refunds received by a member prior to the date of his last withdrawal from service and shall be made in a single sum.
(Ord. 87-26, passed 7-28-87)