Unsightly, Unsanitary Conditions
   91.001   Nuisance declared; prohibited
   91.002   Placement on property of another prohibited
   91.015   Sanitary Code adopted
   91.016   Cleaning and depositing of fish on public property prohibited
   91.017   Discharge of certain water into public sewer system and streets prohibited; enforcement
   91.018   Sanitary nuisances
   91.019   Lot clearance
   91.020   Appeals
Mortgage Registration Code
   91.035   Title and purpose
   91.036   Definitions
   91.037   Registration of abandoned, foreclosing properties; duty to provide written notice of abandoned residential property
   91.038   Maintenance requirements
   91.039   Security requirements
   91.040   Opposing, obstructing enforcement officer
   91.041   Immunity of enforcement officer
   91.042   Additional immunity
   91.043   Supplemental provisions
   91.044   Inspections
   91.045   Town actions in the event of noncompliance
   91.046   Lien for costs incurred by the town; foreclosure of lien
   91.047   Appeal
   91.060   Unlawful actions
   91.061   Specific prohibitions
Junked, Wrecked and Abandoned Property
   91.075   Definitions
   91.076   Adoption of supplemental regulations
   91.077   Interference with enforcement officer; good faith trespass
   91.078   Right of convicted defendant to redeem property
   91.079   Prohibitions
   91.080   When property is deemed abandoned
   91.081   Evidence of abandonment, junking and the like, of vehicles
   91.082   Notice
   91.083   Removal
   91.084   Persons claiming abandoned property prior to sale
   91.085   Abandoned property to be sold at auction; notice of auction
   91.086   Certificate of title to property sold at auction
   91.087   Disposition of proceeds of sale of abandoned property; recovery of proceeds
   91.088   Abandoned property on private property; storage of vehicles
   91.089   Removal of abandoned, junked vehicles from private property
   91.090   Dismantled or inoperable motor vehicle
   91.999   Penalty