§ 91.082  NOTICE.
   (A)   Whenever the enforcement officer of the town shall ascertain that an article of abandoned property is present on public property within the town, he or she shall cause a notice to be placed upon the article in the following form:
   This property, to wit: (brief description) is unlawfully upon (public) property know as (brief description of location) and being in violation of §§ 91.075 through 91.090 of the code of ordinances for the Town of Palm Shores and must be removed within ten days from the date of this notice; otherwise it shall be presumed to be abandoned property and will be removed, disposed of and/or destroyed by order of the Town of Palm Shores.
                     Dated this______________________________________________
                           (Title, address, telephone number of enforcement officer)
   (B)   In addition to posting a notice as required in division (A) above of this section, a notice shall also be sent to the registered owner of the abandoned property, if ascertainable through reasonable investigation by the enforcement officer.
   (C)   Alternatively, the enforcement officer may enforce violations of this section pursuant to provisions of state law and ordinances of the town providing for code enforcement through citation. Use of this method of code enforcement is in addition to and may be used as an alternative to the method of enforcement set forth in the divisions (A) and (B) above of this section. Notices as required by state statute and town ordinances shall be used for this division and the notice requirements as provided in divisions (A) and (B) above of this section shall not be required.
(2000 Code, § 30-94)  (Ord. 97-08, passed 4-20-1998)