General Provisions
   110.01   Noxious businesses prohibited
   110.02   Materials, supplies and the like to be covered or enclosed
Business Taxes; Tax Receipts; Receipts
   110.15   Definitions
   110.16   Business tax receipt required
   110.17   Unlawful to operate business without business tax receipt
   110.18   Property owner responsibility
   110.19   Person subject to the business tax
   110.20   Exemptions
   110.21   Term of business tax
   110.22   Delinquent taxes
   110.23   Separate tax payment required
   110.24   Non-refundable administrative fee
   110.25   (Reserved)
   110.26   (Reserved)
   110.27   Nontransferable taxes
   110.28   Prerequisite requirements before issuing business tax receipt
   110.29   Preservation and display of business tax receipts
   110.30   Telephone number to be posted at unattended business
   110.31   Issuance of receipt not prima facie evidence of ability to conduct business
   110.32   City not liable for damages for losses from revocation
   110.33   Disagreement as to classification; right of appeal
   110.34   When approval of City Manager required
   110.35   Renewal notices; nonreceipt of notice no defense
   110.36   Duties and responsibilities of Community and Economic Development Director
   110.37   Evidence of engaging in business
   110.38   Duty of officers, agents of corporation; individual liability
   110.39   No refund of tax; exception
   110.40   Effect of preemption by state; obstruction of streets, sidewalks, public places
   110.41   Home business tax
   110.42   Business taxes for sale of alcoholic beverages
   110.43   Tax for business not specifically included in schedule
   110.44   Receipt tax schedule
   110.45   Additional excise license tax on insurance companies
   110.46   Violations
   110.47   Penalty
Vehicles for Hire
   110.50   Definition
   110.51   Regulations
Bingo Operations
   110.55   Definitions
   110.56   Limitations on bingo
   110.57   Persons involved in conduct of bingo games
   110.58   Charities; bookkeeping requirements
   110.59   For-profit organizations; bookkeeping requirements
   110.60   Notices
   110.61   Permit required; application; investigation required; contents of application; fee
   110.62   Continuing duty to update application
   110.63   Fingerprinting
   110.64   Permit not to be issued without specific authorization following any felony conviction
   110.65   Permit not to be issued without specific authorization after revocation
   110.66   Issuance of permit; term; renewal
   110.67   Permit nontransferable
   110.68   Appeal from action of city
   110.69   Authority to revoke permits; grounds for revocation
   110.70   Notice of hearing concerning permit revocation
   110.71   Operating bingo hall or conducting bingo games in bingo hall without permit is unlawful
   110.72   Other prohibited acts
   110.73   Bingo halls open for inspection
   110.74   Issuance of permit not to permit acts otherwise unlawful
   110.75   Federal, state and city enforcement
   110.76   Injunctive relief
   Authority to levy licensing fees, see Charter § 6.03
Statutory reference:
   Occupational license taxes generally, see Fla. Stat. Ch. 205