General and Administrative Provisions
   153.001   Citation; authority
   153.002   Purpose
   153.003   Jurisdiction
   153.004   Statement of policy
   153.005   Official recording
   153.006   Application of regulations
   153.007   Exceptions to regulations; platting required
   153.008   Vacation of plats
   153.009   Responsibility of administration
   153.010   Amendment to regulations
   153.011   Agenda
   153.012   Filing fees
   153.013   Variances
   153.014   Interpretation
   153.015   Conflict with public and private provisions
   153.016   Definitions
   153.017   Separability
   153.018   Conflicting ordinances repealed
   153.019   Property owners’ organization
Plat Preparation and Review
   153.030   General provisions
   153.031   Sketch plat
   153.032   Preliminary plat
   153.033   Final plat
   153.034   Improvement plans
Subdivision Design
   153.045   General design principles
   153.046   Streets: general provisions
   153.047   Streets: alignment
   153.048   Streets: cul-de-sacs and dead-end streets
   153.049   Streets: intersections
   153.050   Alleys
   153.051   Sidewalks
   153.052   Easements: street and alley
   153.053   Easements: utility
   153.054   Easements: drainage
   153.055   Lots
   153.056   Blocks
   153.057   Building lines
   153.058   Public areas
   153.059   Parks, open spaces and natural features
   153.060   Non-residential subdivisions
   153.061   Planned unit development
Subdivision Improvement Standards
   153.075   Improvements required
   153.076   Completion of improvements; subdivision bonds or other method of assurance required; maintenance bonds required
   153.077   Plans required
   153.078   Miscellaneous provisions
   153.079   Monuments and markers
   153.080   Streets and alleys
   153.081   Bridges and culverts
   153.082   Street and regulatory signs
   153.083   Street lights
   153.084   Sidewalks
   153.085   Landscaping and natural features
   153.086   Water system
   153.087   Sewage collection and disposal systems
   153.088   Design criteria for sanitary sewers
   153.089   Storm drainage and flood hazard areas
   153.090   Erosion and sedimentation control
   153.998   Violation
   153.999   Penalty
   Appendix A:  Standard Detail Drawings
   Figure S-1   General NotesPaving
   Figure S-2   Local Road Without Curb
   Figure S-3   Collector Road Without Curb
   Figure S-4   Arterial Road Without Curb
   Figure S-5   Local Street With Curb & Gutter
   Figure S-6   Collector Street With Curb & Gutter
   Figure S-7   Arterial Street With Curb & Gutter
   Figure S-8   Residential Cul-de-Sac
   Figure S-9   Non-Residential Cul-de-Sac
   Figure S-10   Residential Driveway Without Curb
   Figure S-11   Concrete Driveway With Curb
   Figure S-12   Curb & Gutter Details
   Figure S-13   Joint Layout
   Figure S-14   Transverse Joint Details
   Figure S-15   Longitudinal Joint Details
   Figure W-1   General NotesWater
   Figure W-2   Typical Service Line
   Figure W-3   Cast Iron Valve Box & Lid
   Figure W-4   2” Flush Hydrant
   Figure W-5   Thrust Blocking
   Figure W-6   Standard Road Crossing
   Figure W-7   Street and Alley Repair
   Figure W-8   Installation of Fire Hydrant on New Main
   Figure W-9   Tracer Wire & Weatherhead
   Sanitary Sewer:
   Figure SS-1   General NotesSanitary Sewer
   Figure SS-2   Sanitary Sewer Trenching and Bedding
   Figure SS-3   Street and Alley Repair
   Figure SS-4   Standard Road Crossing
   Figure SS-5   Service Connection and Riser
   Figure SS-6   Long Service Connection
   Figure SS-7   Precast Manhole
   Figure SS-8   Cast in Place Manhole
   Figure SS-9   Manhole Frame & Cover
   Figure SS-10   Sanitary Sewer Air Relief Valve
   Figure SS-11   Sanitary Sewer Lift Station
   Solid Waste:
   Figure G-1   Solid Waste Container Enclosure
   Figure G-2   Sanitation Truck Turning Radius
   Figure G-3   Solid Waste Access Paving