Electricity Utility Rates and Charges
   53.01   Adoption of rates
   53.02   Minimum charges for electric meter deposits
   53.03   Past due charges
   53.04   Disconnection and reconnection charges
   53.05   Rate “R” domestic electric service
   53.06   Rate “C” commercial and small power service
   53.07   Rate “P” capacity power service
   53.08   Rate “G” governmental service
   53.09   Rate “M” municipal electric service
   53.10   Rate “STL” street lighting service
   53.11   Rate “SL” security lighting service
   53.12   Rate adjustment (applicable to rates R, C, P, and M)
   53.13   Fuel cost adjustment (applicable to rates R, C, P, and M)
   53.14   Availability of residential lighting service
   53.15   Full domestic service
   53.16   Water heater service
   53.17   Commercial lighting
   53.18   Commercial power
   53.19   Delinquency fee
   53.20   When bills available
   53.21   Deposits; consumption determines
   53.22   Notice of disconnection
   53.23   Connections, responsibility of town
   53.24   Right of inspection
   53.25   Town to furnish meters; ownership of system
   53.26   Testing of meters, manner of payment
   53.27   Electric utilities’ line loss
   53.28   Extensions of electrical service
   53.29   Non-recurring charges
   53.30   NSF check fee
   53.31   New electric service; reimbursement
   53.32   Additional facilities
   53.33   Special terms and conditions; meter tampering
   53.34   New construction and system upgrades