EDITOR'S NOTE: The Rules of Council are enacted periodically by motion. Copies are available, at cost, from the Clerk of Council.
210.01   Initial organization.
210.02   Regular and special meetings.
210.03   Majority vote.
210.04   Rules of order; committees.
210.05   Clerk of Council.
210.06   Absences; fine or expulsion.
210.07   Disorderly conduct in Council Chambers.
210.08   Smoking in Council Chambers.
210.09   Sergeant-at-Arms.
210.10   Setting compensation for elected officials.
210.99   Penalty.
   Council generally - see CHTR. Art. III
   Legislative procedure generally - see CHTR. Art. TV
   Appropriation of funds to retain outside legal counsel - see ADM. 226.07
   Bond for Clerk of Council required - see ADM. 254.01
   Review of pay ranges - see ADM. 254.09
   Permission of Council required to occupy street with tracks - see GEN. OFF. 654.04
   Duties of Clerk and of Council re control of noxious weeds - see GEN. OFF. 678.02, 678.03