Municipal Court
EDITOR'S NOTE: The Licking County Municipal Court is established by Ohio R.C. 1901.01. Ohio R.C. 1901.02 provides that the jurisdiction of the Court extends to all of Licking County.
290.01   Small Claims Referee.
290.02   Probation Administrative Secretary.
290.03   Court Security Bailiff.
   Bond for Clerk of Court required - see Ohio R.C. 1901.31(D); ADM. 254.01
   Bond for Deputy Clerks of Court - see Ohio R.C. 1901.31(H); ADM. 254.01
   Bond for bailiffs - see Ohio R.C. 1941.32(A); ADM. 254.01
   Suspension of driver's license - see TRAF. 408.03; GEN. OFF. 698.08
   Using sham legal process - see GEN. OFF. 606.27