55.01   Definitions
   55.02   Width and grade
   55.03   Sidewalk openings; applications for permit
   55.04   Sidewalk openings by village, county, or state
   55.05   Sidewalk openings by public utility corporations
   55.06   Restoration of sidewalks
   55.07   Undedicated streets; construction required under public supervision
   55.08   Warning lights and barrier
   55.09   Sidewalk construction, replacement, repair, and supervision
   55.10   Permits for sidewalk construction
   55.11   Permit fees
   55.12   Free permits
   55.13   Deposit of materials
   55.14   Sidewalk construction without lawful permit
   55.15   Cement contractor’s licenses
   55.16   Application and certificate for contractor’s license
   55.17   Bond and contract of cement contractor
   55.18   Sidewalk inspection
   55.19   Revocation of license
   55.20   Temporary driveway permits
   55.21   Deposit against repairs
   55.22   Interfering encroachments in village sidewalks
   55.23   Form of notice
   55.24   Termination of privilege
   55.25   Removal of encroachment
   55.26   Defect caused by encroachments
   55.27   Flagpole sockets in sidewalks
   55.28   General responsibility
   55.29   Encumbering public rights-of-way
   55.30   Temporary encumbrances
   55.31   Authorization for use of sidewalks limited
   55.32   Ground and debris on sidewalks
   55.33   Expense of removal of debris, and the like
   55.34   Inscribing names or advertising matter on sidewalk unlawful
   55.35   Unloading heavy material on sidewalk
   55.36   Removal of snow
   55.37   Ice on sidewalk
   55.38   Methods of collection, and the like
   55.39   Criteria for condemning sidewalks and driveways
   55.40   Sidewalks in need of repair or reconstruction
   55.41   Notification of owner
   55.42   Owner not a resident of village
   55.43   Location of sidewalk and time for repair
   55.44   Failure to reconstruct or repair within allotted time
   55.45   Action by village