Personnel Policies
   35.001   Personnel Policies
   35.002   Employment benefits of elected officials
   35.003   Official bonds
   35.004   Reserved
   35.005   Tuition assistance
   35.006   Child care assistance
   35.007   Transportation assistance
   35.008   Eligibility
   35.009   W-5 Forms
   35.010   Collective bargaining agreements
   35.011   Benefits under previous personnel policies
   35.012   Prohibiting Louisville Metro from requesting salary history from job applicants
   35.013   Organ donation
   35.014   Paid family leave
Sadie’s Law
   35.030   Whistleblower Protection Act
Collective Bargaining
   35.050   Definitions
   35.051   Right to collective bargaining
   35.052   Function of Louisville Labor Management Committee
   35.053   Authority and duty of local government to bargain collectively
   35.054   Impasse procedure
   35.055   Strikes, work stoppages, and the like
   35.056   Collective bargaining contracts
   35.057   Approval and adoption of agreement
   35.058   Coverage
   35.059   Existing collective bargaining representatives and agreements
County Employees Retirement System
   35.090   Authorization to participate
Injury of Civilian Employees in Louisville Metro Police Department
   35.100   Purpose
   35.101   Eligibility
   35.102   Medical and hospital expenses
   35.103   Supplemental salary payments
   35.104   Workmen’s compensation refund
Employee Indemnity
   35.180   Purpose
   35.181   Eligibility
   35.182   Benefits
   35.183   Exemptions
Employee Membership in Racist/Hate Organizations
   35.190   Participation prohibited
   35.191   Enforcement procedures; termination
   35.192   Reporting violations
Reporting Child Abuse
   35.200   Reporting child abuse
Close Captioning on Televisions in Louisville Metro Government Buildings
   35.220   Definitions
   35.221   Closed captioning of Louisville Metro televisions in public areas
   35.998   Severability
   For provisions concerning the Police Pension Fund and the Firefighter's Pension Fund, see §§ 32.110 through 32.171