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   (Added by Ord. No. 183,135, Eff. 7/8/14.)
   (a)   Definitions.  For the purpose of this Section, the following words and phrases are defined and shall be construed as hereinafter set out, unless it shall be apparent from the context that they have a different meaning:
   (1)   A Special Event, as defined in Los Angeles Municipal Code section 41.20.1(a)(9) and restated in this Section, means an event, or series of related events, of cultural, civic, economic, social, recreational or educational nature, including Athletic Events, sponsored by an individual or individuals, a non-profit organization or community group, charitable organization or for-profit organization or group, that is: (1) held wholly or partially on property owned or maintained by the City; or (2) held on any other property, and that requires for its successful execution, the partial or complete closure of streets or sidewalks, or the reservation of dedicated on-street parking spaces for special event vehicle parking, or the provision and coordination of municipal services to a degree over and above the level that the City normally provides.  Special Events also include any other organized activity that involves the use of, or has a direct or indirect impact on public property or facilities or that can reasonably be foreseen to have such an impact on, or to require a higher level of public safety services or other municipal services, including advance planning services, than that normally provided by the City.  The Police Department shall remain the permitting entity for Parades and Assemblies, as defined in Section 103.111(b) of this Code.  The City may contract for permit application coordination services for City-issued permits for entertainment industry-related Special Events, such as motion picture filming, television filming and photography.  The City's contractor, and not the One-Stop Special Events Permit Office, will coordinate the processing of permit applications for permits the City issues for entertainment industry-related Special Events.  In addition, the receipt, evaluation, processing and approval of City permits for entertainment industry-related Special Events shall be the responsibility of the City Council or of the City department or office to which the Council, by order, resolution or ordinance has delegated, or in the future may delegate, such authority, as provided in Sections 22.350, and following, of the Los Angeles Administrative Code and in Section 12.22 A.13. of this Code.
   (2)   A Special Event Vehicle shall mean a motor vehicle that is operated as part of the Special Event, is parked in the roadway, and which provides goods, services, or information directly to patrons of the Special Event.
   (3)   A Special Event Permit shall mean a "Special Event Permit" issued by the Bureau of Street Services, or a copy of the original "Special Event Permit" issued to a Special Event Vehicle, meeting the requirements of this Section; which exempts the vehicle from posted parking restrictions pursuant to this Section; however, a Special Event Permit does not exempt a vehicle from complying with all other parking restrictions or limitations, including but not limited to, red or other colored curb markings, crosswalks, fire hydrants, or parking prohibitions listed in California Vehicle Code Section 22500.
   (b)   Designation of Spaces.  The Department of Transportation is hereby authorized to designate streets, or portions thereof, upon which parking is reserved for the exclusive use of City-permitted Special Events Vehicles.  No person shall park, when authorized signs are in place giving notice thereof, any vehicle or motor vehicle in a place designated for the exclusive parking of Special Event Vehicles.  Vehicles that have a properly displayed, Bureau of Street Services Special Event Permit are exempt from this restriction.  Also exempt are City vehicles operated by a peace officer, as defined in Chapter 4.5 (commencing with Section 830) of Title 3 of Part 2 of the California Penal Code, or a Department of Transportation employee, or a Bureau of Street Services employee, when acting in the scope of his or her duties.
   (c)   Display of Permit.  The operator of the Special Event Vehicle parking in the place designated for the exclusive use of Special Event Vehicles shall have the portion of the Special Events Permit that specifies the name of the Special Event, the date of the Special Event, the location of the designated Special Event parking area, and the license plate of the Special Event Vehicle, displayed where it is completely visible through the front windshield of the vehicle.  The driver is responsible to make sure that the permit is readable from outside the front window of the vehicle.  If the permit is not readable, the City shall not be obligated to cancel citations for misidentified vehicles.  Each of the permits shall be valid for the day or days that the Special Event occurs.  The date and the license plate of the Special Event Vehicle shall be handwritten on the Special Events Permit by the organizer of the Special Event.
   (d)   Issuance of Permits.  The Bureau of Street Services and the Police Department are hereby authorized to issue Special Events Permits to qualifying vehicles as described in Sections 41.20 and 41.20.1 of this Code.
   (e)   Posting of Special Events Vehicle Parking Spaces.  Upon Department of Transportation designation of streets or portions of streets to be reserved for the exclusive parking of Special Events Vehicles, the Department shall cause appropriate signs to be posted in said streets, indicating prominently thereon the parking limitation and stating that motor vehicles with valid permits shall be exempt from the restrictions.  The Department is further authorized to include notice on any sign installed pursuant to this section, that vehicles left standing in violation of such sign may be removed at the owner's expense.  The provisions of this section shall not apply until signs or markings giving adequate notice thereof are in place.
   (f)   Penalty Provisions.
   1.   Unless exempted pursuant to this Section, no person shall stand or park a motor vehicle in violation of any parking restrictions established pursuant to this Section.  Violations of this Section are subject to civil parking penalties listed in Section 89.60 of this Code.  In addition, a violator's vehicle may be impounded pursuant to California Vehicle Code Section 22651(n) by a peace officer, as defined in Chapter 4.5 (commencing with Section 830) of Title 3 of Part 2 of the California Penal Code, or a regularly employed and salaried employee of the City of Los Angeles, who is engaged in directing traffic or enforcing parking laws and regulations within the City, where the signs are posted giving notice of removal.  The impounding agency shall have the authority to provide post-storage impound hearings in compliance with the provisions of California Vehicle Code Section 22852.
   2.   No person shall falsely represent himself or herself as eligible for a Special Events Parking Permit or furnish false information in an application for a Special Events Parking Permit.
   3.   No permit issued pursuant to this Section shall thereafter be assigned, transferred or used for any consideration, monetary or otherwise.
   4.   No person shall copy, produce or create a facsimile or counterfeit Special Events Parking Permit; nor shall any person use or display a facsimile or counterfeit Special Events Parking Permit.
   5.   Any Recipient of a Special Parking Permit or Permits, who, after a hearing, has been found by the Department to have violated any of the provisions of this ordinance, shall have the permit or permits revoked by the Department and no new Special Events Parking Permits shall be issued to that Recipient for a period of one year.  Such Recipient, upon written notification of such revocation, shall surrender the permit or permits to the Department within fifteen (15) days.