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80.07   Traffic Control Devices – Powers and Duties of the Department.
80.07.1   Traffic Control Devices and Other Signs – Remove or Discontinuance.
80.07.2   Traffic Control Devices – Hours of Operation.
80.08   Installation of Traffic Signals.
80.08.2   Department to Install Traffic Markings.
80.08.3   Removal of Unauthorized Signs, Signals, and Lights.
80.08.4   Flashing Lights – Interference with Traffic Signals.
80.08.5   Off-center Lane Movement – Establishment.
80.08.6   Temporary Traffic Controls.
80.08.7   Charges for Providing Traffic Control and for Installation and Relocation of Parking and Traffic Control Devices.
80.10   Signs Required.
80.11   Right Turns at Signal Controlled Intersections.
80.12   Double Lines.
80.13   Speed Zoning on Other than State Highways.
80.13.1   Speed Zoning on Streets Adjacent to a Children’s Playground.