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80.69   Parking Prohibited or Limited.
80.69.1   Parking of Trailers and Semitrailers.
80.69.2   Parking – Commercial Vehicles.
80.69.3   Parking of Commercial and Construction Vehicles under Freeway Overpasses.
80.69.4   Parking of Oversize Vehicles.
80.70   Parking Prohibited or Limited in Anti-Gridlock Zones.
80.71.3   Parking in Front Yards.
80.71.4   Prohibition of Parking of Vehicles Without Permission on Privately Owned or Publicly Owned Property.
80.72   Parking Prohibited or Limited on Certain Streets on Red Flag Alert Days.
80.72.5   Parking Prohibited or Limited on Private Streets.
80.73   Catering Trucks.
80.73.1   Use of Streets for Storage of Vehicles – Prohibited.
80.73.2   Use of Street for Storage of Vehicles – Generally – When Prohibited.
80.73.3   Selling, Leasing, Reserving or Facilitating the Reserving of Public Ways – Prohibited.
80.74   Washing Vehicles in Street.
80.75.1   Parking with Audible Status Indicator Operative.
80.75.3   Parking Automobiles on Streets Exceeding Grade of 3%.
80.75.4   Emergency Rules and Signs.