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500   Creation and Management of Departments.
501   Boards of Commissioners.
502   Appointment and Removal of Commissioners.
503   Organization of the Board.
504   Secretary and Chief Accounting Employee.
505   Approval by Chief Accounting Employee of Use of Funds.
506   Powers of the Board and the Head of the Department.
507   Chief Administrative Officers.
508   Appointment and Removal of Chief Administrative Officers.
509   Powers of Chief Administrative Officer of Department under the Control of a Board of Commissioners.
510   Powers of Chief Administrative Officer of Department under the Management and Control of Chief Administrative Officer.
511   Responsibilities of Boards of Departments Controlling Their Own Funds.
512   Temporary Absence or Inability to Act.
513   Relationship of General Provisions to Specific Departmental Provisions.
514   Transfer of Powers.
520   Powers and Duties of the Department.
521   Authority of Officers.
522   Fire Chief.
523   Independent Assessor.
524   Appointment of Independent Assessor.
530   Powers and Duties of the Department.
531   Financial Support.
532   Board of Library Commissioners.
533   City Librarian.
534   Library Property.
535   Subsurface Parking Structures.
540   Powers and Duties of the Department.
541   Board of Civil Service Commissioners.
542   Chief Administrative Officer.
550   Powers and Duties of the Department.
551   City Planning Commission.
552   Area Planning Commissions.
553   Director of Planning.
554   General Plan – Purpose and Contents.
555   General Plan - Procedures for Adoption.
556   General Plan Compliance.
557   General Plan Areas.
558   Procedure for Adoption, Amendment or Repeal of Certain Ordinances, Orders and Resolutions.
559   Delegation of Authority.
560   Hearings and Investigations.
561   Office of Zoning Administration.
562   Variances.
563   Conditional Use Permits and Other Approvals.
564   Projects Requiring Multiple Approvals.
565   Delegation of Legislative Authority to Area Planning Commissions.
566   Time Limits.
570   Powers and Duties of the Department.
571   Board of Police Commissioners.
572   Executive Director of the Board of Police Commissioners.
573   Inspector General.
574   Powers and Duties of the Chief of Police.
575   Appointment and Removal of the Chief of Police.
576   Acting and Temporary Chief of Police.
580   Public Works Department Powers and Duties.
581   Board of Public Works.
582   Director of Public Works
590   Powers and Duties of the Department.
591   Board of Recreation and Park Commissioners.
592   Chief Administrative Officer of Recreation and Parks.
593   Financial Support.
594   Control and Management of Recreation and Park Lands.
595   Lease of Facilities.
596   Leasing of Subsurface Space.
597   Location of Police Training Facility.