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600   Creation of Proprietary Departments and Boards.
601   Departmental Purposes.
602   Possession, Management and Control of Assets.
603   Control of Departmental Funds.
604   General Managers.
605   Power to Grant Franchises, Concessions, Permits and Licenses and Enter into Leases.
606   Process for Granting Franchises, Permits, Licenses and Entering into Leases.
607   Limitations on Franchises, Concessions, Permits, Licenses and Leases.
608   Harbor and Airport Regulation of Public Service and Public Utilities.
609   Revenue Bonds and Other Obligations.
610   Debt Accountability and Capital Improvement Plan.
630   Board Composition.
631   Possession, Management and Control of Airport Assets.
632   Powers and Duties of the Board.
633   Powers and Duties of the General Manager.
634   Limitations upon Permits and Licenses.
635   Airport Revenue Fund.
636   Airport Police.
650   Board Composition.
651   Possession, Management and Control of the Harbor Assets.
652   Powers and Duties of the Board.
653   Rates, Rules and Regulations.
654   Limitations on Franchises, Permits, Licenses or Leases.
655   Powers and Duties of the General Manager.
656   Harbor Revenue Fund.
657   Port Police.
670   Board Composition.
671   The Los Angeles River.
672   Possession, Management and Control of Water and Power Assets.
673   Water and Water Rights.
674   Power Contracts.
675   Powers and Duties of the Board.
676   Rate Setting.
677   Sale or Exchange of Water and Power.
678   Powers and Duties of the General Manager.
679   Water and Power Revenue Funds.
680   Other Enterprises.
681   Division of Departmental Functions.
682   Health Benefits.
683   Office of Public Accountability.
684   Submission of Budget to the City Council for Informational Purposes.