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100   Incorporation.
101   Powers of the City.
102   Relationship to Other Governmental Entities.
103   Delivery of Services.
104   Restrictions on the Powers of the City.
105   Title to Property.
106   Definitions.
107   Effect of Invalidity in Part.
108   Intent of Voters.
109   Adoption Date; Operative Date.
110   Effect of Enactment on Existing Law and Offices.
111   Obligations of Contract Not Impaired.
112   Previous Charter Sections Treated as Ordinance.
113   Effect on Pension and Retirement Benefits.
114   Changes in City Offices.
115   Changes in City Departments.
116   Status of Incumbent Officers and Employees.
117   Changes in Civil Service Discipline Provisions.
118   Actions to Be Taken Prior to Operative Date.
119   Repeal of Former Charter.
120   Increase in Council Size.
121   Effect of New Charter on Board of Education.
122   Elimination of Transition Provisions.